A landmark photograph and something interestingly similar…..

The first thing that pops up in the search list when you type in the words “Earthrise” is this..

That my friends is a very humbling photograph indeed, especially given the time at which it was taken. A time when technologically speaking, the mists over  the cosmos were just beginning to clear up. Space research was entering a hitherto new age, if you can forget who H G Wells was. This was taken off the Apollo 8 spacecraft by astronaut William Anders, way back in 1968. Despite the pic being the first of its kind, there was more to it. Earthrise as it is called, was to later on become the moniker of a global environment movement. From the setting up major organizations to the much established environment consciousness in all of us, this has indeed been on a large scale. Despite all that things are still more of the same.

Well what spurred me to look up all these? Well it was a band of the same name.
Earthrise from Minneapolis, US. They are very well within the strict confines of post metal, belting out slow,sludgy, ill foreboding gigariffs. But what’s got me into them further is the lyrics, which are great btw (hard to come by these days), picturing the sheer magnitude of the apocalypse that man is slowly carving out for himself. Storms, avalanches, sea surges all converging at the single most unifying matter to all life forms.. The music to me plays second fiddle, yet is accentuated by the stellar theme (not unique by subject matter but unique by presentation). Take for instance the latter half of the song ‘Eighteen  Hundred’ (post 2 : 30 mark). Screams bathed in anguish, spelling out our soon-to-be demise. Brilliant i say.

Once again this band deserves to be listened. And the whole album comes free. So go ahead and download it as well.


Borne out of Necessity… Death by Metal

Well this is going to be a rather one off blog, a sort of offshoot from the more subject oriented metal writing i do at a few other metal blogs. Finally i can rid myself off of all the anxiety that comes with in being a total slipshod and pen down whatever i like and whenever i want to. A bit of freedom can do no harm after all. But i will go out of my way to bring you new music and old music alike for there is nothing like helping a friend out to newer stuff.

So without wasting time let’s start with the good stuff. There is nothing better than some good old  death metal to start a post off with. Skinfather from Southern California will drub you down with their simple, stripped down to the bare bones death metal, served with a pinch of hardcore for good measure. Yes the band name does sound increasingly familiar, especially so if you’ve helped yourself to a bout of Dismember’s “Indecent and Obscene”. The music is not that different either. In no way am i referring to the Entombedcore tag line that bands such as Nails, Black Breath and Trap Them throw up. This is good ol Swedish death metal.. This is a “FREE” EP with just 3 songs, one of which is Unleashed’s Execute them all from their third full length “Across the open sea”.

P.S. Damn that cover art is pure ownage!