NEW MUSIC : Solstafir, Lie in Ruins, Corpsessed, Skullfist

To all my religious and irreligious brethren, Merry Christmas!

But for metal there’s never been any holiday and a religious occasion is the last on the list of reasons to even imagine a break. Here are a few new tracks  that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed off late.

1. Solstafir

Now this is a band that is very close to heart, as they marry post rockish melodies with black metal and prog, and scale it up to epic lengths as expected. They do so with such finesse that not a moment sounds out of place. Ethereal melodies weave in and out of each song. They have done this with nary a dip in quality over their relatively short discography. The track here is in fact not new, and is really an unreleased track of their second full length ‘Masterpiece of Bitterness’. Devilmask is a sort of departure from their rather mellower sound, and is all the more great for it.

2. A Dark Descent Affair

I was a bit disappointed by Dark Descent this year, as releases from Lantern, Krypts, Imprecation and Craven Idol, the ones which i hoped to be great releases, was never fully realized. They were good releases nonetheless, but nothing exceeding that. Fortunately the two new tracks from Corpsessed and Lie in Ruins, seems to have got me stoked all over again. Below are two tracks, one each from 2014 releases from ‘Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds’ and ‘Lie in Ruins – Towards Divine Death’. The former being more Autopsy driven death metal, while the latter is much more doomier affair.

3. Skull Fist

New records from Enforcer and Lost Society, were good retro fun. That said, 2014 sees Skull Fist taking up that flag. Good old sped up heavy metal with a lot of cheese, which is the way i like it. ‘Hour to Live’ is catchy as hell.


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