NEW MUSIC: Indian, Angel Vivaldi


1. Indian

Clearly this has nothing to do with anything from the subcontinent. Most of us here are blissfully oblivious to the existence of Sludge as a genre. Pitiable folks them. Indian’s second single titled Directional is a unipolar effort in dread. Everything here is singular. Just one riff, just one drum pattern and just one bassline goes to show how simplicity can work wonders in conjuring possibly, one of the heaviest songs of 2014. Coated in the most potent of acidic concoctions the vocals serve only to corrode flesh and evoke a curious sense of masochism. This leaves me obliged to be stoked.

The first single titled ‘Rhetoric of No‘ maybe streamed below as well.

Both tracks comes of the soon to be released record titled From All Purity released via Relapse Records.


2. Angel Vivaldi

Djent has sort of become this oxymoron of progressive degeneracy. Indeed the genre remains stagnant due to an over reliance on unmemorable groove technicality ( not forgetting tech death), each one barely different from the other by a single note, which for obvious reasons fails to be discernible to the musically uneducated (like myself). Yet some one man artists like Tosin Abasi do spice it up a bit, making it enjoyable as opposed to being memorable. And that is ok in my book. Angel Vivaldi is another such one man band. His last EP Universal Language had the same effect  as Animals as Leaders’s self titled debut did. Melodic,fun,heavy. His new single and rather thoughtfully titled “._ _ _ _” is no different.

The track comes off the new album Away With Words – Part I.



Slugdge – Born of Slime


While I’ve mentioned a few bands who give away their music for free, not most of all said bands that do so are well worth it. Most of them are much like a one night stand, just too ephemeral to give a second thought. But this particular band, Slugdge, seems anything but tasteless. Although as their name would suggest, they play a deeply multiple genre inflected brand of sludge, laced with so much dark humor that it would at the least elicit a bending of the lips.

Against the backdrop of something as pretentious as the taking over of the world by a band of evil slugs, this 2 man English band rolls out riffs that can effectively floor you. And yet it might leave you with a good laugh as the lyrics come in. With song titles such ‘Eyehatesalt’ and ‘Pod Hates Us All’ you’d probably get where this pun laced, dark humor is going. So much fun without sacrificing anything on the musicality and it all comes free of cost.